Attack of the iClones: Samsung Launches iPhone Look A Like

     Just hours before Steve Jobs is due to deliver his keynote address at WWDC ’08, Samsung is trying to steal the spotlight by announcing a new i900 touch-screen phone. Officially named Omnia, the handset includes digital media capabilities with up to 16GB built in memory, a 5 mega pixel camera and ‘aims to make internet browsing easier by running Microsoft’s Windows Mobile’! That last part must be a bad joke. Win Mobile doesn’t make browsing any easier based on my experience: It crashes just about every hour without fail.

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Predictions For WWDC ’08

     A 3G iPhone seems a certainty at WWDC as just about everyone ( and their mother ) is predicting one and we should get an earful about the new App Store and iPhone 2.0 firmware plus a few native app demos but what surprises may Steve Jobs have for us? The top 3 likely candidates:

– NanoPhone – we know it exists and Apple’s keen on bringing it to market in order to expand the iPhone lineup. In fact, iLounge is talking about a 3.2 and a smaller 2.8 inch iPhones ready to be announced on Monday.

– Macbook Pro – this would be an ideal place to reveal an upgraded and restyled Pro machine as most developers need this kind of power. The new Pro machine should get higher capacity HDDs with a thinner profile. Macbook may be refreshed right around back to school time.

– Mac Tablet – I’ve reported on a tablet some time ago and several sites have confirmed that Apple’s working on one and some have even said it’s in the manufacturing process right now but I have my doubts on this thing being ready before fall.


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Griffin Case Mold Pic Reveals 3G iPhone Design

A Chinese website called iDealsChina says it has obtained pictures of the case molds for the upcoming 3G iPhone. The molds are allegedly from Apple accessory maker Griffin’s case design and seem to show a substantially thinner profile for the second gen iPhone. The pictures also prove that Apple does indeed share its plans for next gen products with its key partners.


update – Exo also seems to have a 3G case already made.

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Mark Your Calendars: 3G iPhone Out on June 9th

     With Apple making plans to introduce the next-generation iPhone in over 42 countries to a potential half a billion customers, it seems almost certain that we’re very close to a US launch. Several Apple fan sites are reporting that Steve Jobs will make the 3G iPhone announcement at the WWDC Keynote on June 9th and that units will be available for purchase immediately after the launch.


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Italian Executive Says 3G iPhone in June

     Telecom Italia top executive Luigi Licciardi, speaking at the International Electronics Forum in Dubai, has confirmed that Apple will bring a 3G model to Italy in June. This admission is the first by a top level executive associated with the 3G iPhone planned introduction which is most likely in June during the WWDC conference. Vodafone has already announced it will be the other iPhone carrier in Italy.


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Vodafone Announces iPhone for 10 Markets

     The multi-national carrier Vodafone has made a significant announcement that it’ll carry the Apple iPhone in 10 countries to include Australia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey. While no specifics are discussed, the most likely candidate for affluent markets would be the 3G iPhone while a lower priced model may be released in less affluent countries.

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Is this the rumored Apple Nanophone?

possible nanophone    

     An anonymous tipster has sent me what appears to be a cropped promotional image from the upcoming Apple Nanophone. If the image is genuine, we can then conclude that:

– the Nanophone retains the metallic looking trim around the device

– the Nanophone is curvier than current gen iphone

– we are weeks if not days from the official unveiling

     Apparently the device already has a name. Maybe it’s the iphone mini?


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