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Am Tech Analyst: Apple and RIM Both Good Solutions for Enterprise

      Shaw Wu of American Technology Research voiced his confidence in the enterprise solutions offered by both Apple and Research In Motion ( RIM ). In a note released to investors today, Wu says that while ActiveSync, recently licensed by Apple from Microsoft, features simplicity and cost efficiency, RIM’s email implementation has better network security and bandwidth efficiency. Wu also believes iPhone’s OS robustness and efficiency plus support for Exchange may give it an edge over RIM devices.

     It should be noted that while both technologies offer a simple interface for users, they differ a great deal in key areas. RIM’s technology has better security through use of dedicated servers and encryption and ActiveSync offers simpler data routes and hence greater cost efficiency. As Wu also mentions, greater potential software development on iPhone is another area that may help Apple gain an edge.



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Piper: Apple’s SDK Unveiling Inspires Confidence

      Piper Jaffray research group analysts, in a note out to clients, say that they’re excited by the prospects of Apple’s touch platform SDK, which was unveiled yesterday. Piper analysts say that the iPhone is now a “full-fledged mobile computing platform” and that Apple will release a “full family” of internet devices which will make use of the capable platform. The analysts also mention that Apple’s licensing of ActiveSync, enabling enterprise email, puts iPhone in direct competition with RIM’s Blackberry devices and that will lead to more unit sales for Apple.

     So far, Apple iPhone SDK details have received stellar reviews from analysts and the press in general with most commenting that it’s all more than they had hoped for. Here are some of the highlights of the features revealed yesterday:

– optimized OS-X kernel on iPhone allows Core Animation and OpenGL for graphics and Core Audio and OpenAL for audio plus access to accelerometer sensor and camera

– a new version of XCode to write and manage code with an iPhone Simulator to test code

– $99 to get listed on iTunes and Apple will split profits 30/70 with developers

– EA and Sega and others developing games, AOL and ePOCRATES and others developing apps for the platform

– Beta version released immediately, full iPhone firmware 2.0 and SDK to be released in June


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Possible Announcements at Today’s Apple iPhone SDK Event

     Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune.CNN blogs reports on 7 likely announcements at today’s Apple event:

– Today’s SDK release will be a beta; final version will be released at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in June

– Apple will regulate commercial apps, distribute them on iTunes, and take a portion of profits

– Apple will not regulate free apps

– The SDK is Mac only ( running OS X Leopard, and XCode )

– Apps can use both both EDGE and WiFi for data

– No iPhone dock connector access allowed 😦

– There will be business app demos from IBM, Microsoft, and SAP

Read more from Fortune.CNN blogs here


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Apple to Tightly Control iPhone App Distribution

     Several Apple fan sites have reported variations to a common theme regarding the Apple touch platform SDK which is due out on March 6th. Apple is rumored to announce a beta version only on Thursday with the full stable platform release postponed until sometime in June. Furthermore, Apple likely will exercise tight control over release and distribution of third party software by requiring individual program approval before release and tying its distribution to iTunes. Such tactics can potentially backfire by bogging down the process of regularly released third party program updates and by reducing interest in developing for the Apple touch platform in the first place. Some sites are reporting that freeware programs may be excluded from the extra scrutiny.


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‘iPhone Software Roadmap’ Media Event on March 6th

     Apple has announced a media event covering the iPhone SDK ( Software Development Kit ) and “some exciting new enterprise features”. The event is to be held at Apple Building 4 Town Hall on March 6 at 10 AM. While Apple, at this rare Thursday event, will not unveil any new products, the hint at new business features probably means the company is ready to announce tighter integration of the iPhone with business including mobile versions of popular business apps developed by key partners.

     CNET has an interesting article on the potential distribution model for iPhone apps including speculations on how  many different versions of the SDK may be made available.


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