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Am Tech: Apple TV to Gain DVR Functionality

     Just the other day, an Apple patent filed sometime in 2006 turned up describing how a media hub could implement live TV recording functionality and how a touch sensitive remote control could be used to interact with the device. Today, Shaw Wu of American Technology Research says Apple TV will soon incorporate Digital Video Recording technology and iPhone/iPod Touch may be used as its remote control. He goes on to say that adding this feature into Apple TV could total between $12-$15 of hardware per unit and it “could turn [Apple TV] into a billion dollar, if not multi-billion dollar business”. Wu also mentions sources who claim Sony and Apple are in final discussions to bring Blu-Ray drives to Macs.



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Magazine: No iGame Device from Apple

     According to the British magazine Develop, a trade news publication for video games industry professionals, Apple’s “game plan” calls for more iPod games from trusted third parties rather than a dedicated handheld or console. This revelation comes after a new patent application for several portable gaming ideas bearing the Apple and iPod names were unearthed last week from the US Patent Office which fueled speculations that Apple may have a handheld or portable gaming device of its own in development.

     Develop reports that a senior gaming industry source has told the magazine that Apple is banking on the iPod as its sole platform for gaming and that more iPod games from major game developers are in the works. Apparently Apple believes the iPods are powerful enough and it prefers “courting” individual game developers to develop select games for the platform rather than to dilute its product lineup with a risky new device.

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Apple Files for Dynamic Keyboard and Integrated Docking Station Patents

Dynamic Keyboard

     2 Apple patent applications have just been published and both are quite interesting. One patent describes a dynamic OLED-based keyboard which changes its OLED key faces, similar to the Optimus Maximus LED keyboard. The key faces can change based on selected language locale or specific application needs. It’s unclear at this time whether a patent will be granted to Apple despite Art Lebedev’s Optimus Maximus already being available in limited production.

Integrated Docking Station

     The second patent describes an Integrated monitor and docking station similar to an iMac housing an ultra portable computer. “The docking station includes a display and a housing configured to hold” a thin portable computer, Apple writes in this application. “Traditionally a portable computer docking station requires a separate external monitor to be connected (e.g., by cable) to the docking station” which requires significant amount of desk space. “Therefore there exists a need for a docking station and display combination that is configured in a more efficient form.”


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