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Apple News Roundup ( Last Week of January )

     Motorola has confirmed the rumors regarding the separation of its mobile devices business. It’s unclear as yet  whether Motorola will sell the division or choose to spin it off as it did with Freescale but Dell has been mentioned as a suitable buyer. Once the top ranking handset maker in terms of market share, Motorola has seen its business slide as foreign competitors like Nokia and Samsung have taken over. It’s a sad day indeed for this American industry icon.

     Remember the custom-made CPU that Intel engineered for Apple’s MacBook Air? The PC makers are apparently interested in getting the processor inside their machines as Lenovo and Fujitsu are in the process of releasing machines using the compact processor.

     Garmin, the personal navigation device maker, has fielded an iPhone clone called the nuvifone just so that they can say we too have a touch-screen device. The device combines a 3.5G mobile phone, web browser, and personal navigator plus a video camera and MP3 player. I’m not particularly impressed with this device as we’ll have to wait and see if the software is smooth running and functional.

     Lastly, Gartner, Inc has predicted that Apple will conquer more than 12% of US and western Europe PC market by 2011. They attribute this gain as much to “failures of the rest of the industry as on Apple’s success”.



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Cramer: Apple Will Hit $300, Net Applications: Apple’s OS Exceeded 8%

      Jim Cramer’s 10 Predictions for 2008 include Apple shares reaching $300 and Google hitting $1000, SeekingAlpha reports. Considering that some analysts have predicted $450 or even $600 for Apple in the next 12 to 18 months, Cramer’s prediction seems modest.

     Net Applications reports that Apple’s market share for the Mac rose to 7.31% in the month of December from a previous high of 6.80% in November. Additionally, Apple’s market share rose to 8.01% in the December 30-31 period. Net Applications also reports that they may have actually understated Apple’s market share due to visitors using Windows on Mac hardware, which they presumably have difficulty detecting.


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