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Citigroup Analyst: New Macbook Shipments Have Begun

     Richard Garner of Citigroup says that based on his “field checks”, redesigned Macbooks are on the way to the retailers. He also mentions that new Macbooks get aluminum casing, LED backlighting ( I doubt it on the base model ), and lower prices. The overall design of the new Apple notebooks will probably closely match the Macbook Air and the entry level model may get a $100 price cut. An announcement from Apple is expected on Oct. 14th.

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Apple Introduces Totally New Nano

     Apple has just introduced a newly redesigned Nano in nine colors.

     New nano has an accelerometer to change display orientation and features a tapered look to match current Apple design theme. Songs can also be shuffled by shaking the player. The 8GB model goes for $149, $199 for the 16GB model ( silver, indigo, blue, lime, green, yellow, orange, red, magenta ).

     iPod Classic is upgraded to 120GB and 160GB model is discontinued. The Touch model now features an integrated Nike + iPod receiver. Touch is available in 8GB for $229, 16GB for $299, and 32GB for $399.


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Expectations for the Apple “Let’s Rock” Event

     Apple has announced that it’ll hold a special event on Sep. 9th called ‘Let’s Rock’, possibly hinting to the introduction of new iPods. I’m hoping that the entire iPod line receives major software and hardware upgrades with special attention paid to the entry level models. Nano has been the best selling iPod during the past 12 months and Shuffle sales have peaked after the recent aggressive price reductions and memory upgrades. It’s clear that as higher capacity iPods have reached market saturation in terms of US consumer ownership, the entry level models have the most ground to gain. Here’s what I hope will get introduced on Tuesday and not necessary my predictions:

– 160GB HDD-based iPod Touch – it’ll take a long time for 160GB of flash memory to get cheap enough for use in an iPod, so Apple could introduce a hard drive model to encourage all of those who want to carry a full music collection to upgrade. By encouraging Touch adoption, Apple also promotes the new App Store as a complimentary model to iTunes for steady revenue growth in the process.

– 120 GB Classic – new Microsoft Zunes will allegedly get a capacity upgrade from 80 to 120GB and it only makes sense if Apple follows suit. I’d also like to see a higher resolution 3 inch screen plus over-the-air iTunes purchase and general firmware refinements to device navigation.

–  16GB nano at $200 – nano will ultimately take over the role of the bigger Classic in terms of both maximum memory capacity and functionality and this would be a step in the right direction. Over-the-air iTunes purchase should be added too.

– Shuffles should not be discontinued as they do serve some users rather well ( I’ve been reminded of this many times in reader emails ) but I also believe Apple must release a 2GB iPod with screen for about $70, something that’s currently missing in the lineup.


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