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Griffin Case Mold Pic Reveals 3G iPhone Design

A Chinese website called iDealsChina says it has obtained pictures of the case molds for the upcoming 3G iPhone. The molds are allegedly from Apple accessory maker Griffin’s case design and seem to show a substantially thinner profile for the second gen iPhone. The pictures also prove that Apple does indeed share its plans for next gen products with its key partners.


update – Exo also seems to have a 3G case already made.


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Mark Your Calendars: 3G iPhone Out on June 9th

     With Apple making plans to introduce the next-generation iPhone in over 42 countries to a potential half a billion customers, it seems almost certain that we’re very close to a US launch. Several Apple fan sites are reporting that Steve Jobs will make the 3G iPhone announcement at the WWDC Keynote on June 9th and that units will be available for purchase immediately after the launch.


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Italian Executive Says 3G iPhone in June

     Telecom Italia top executive Luigi Licciardi, speaking at the International Electronics Forum in Dubai, has confirmed that Apple will bring a 3G model to Italy in June. This admission is the first by a top level executive associated with the 3G iPhone planned introduction which is most likely in June during the WWDC conference. Vodafone has already announced it will be the other iPhone carrier in Italy.


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Vodafone Announces iPhone for 10 Markets

     The multi-national carrier Vodafone has made a significant announcement that it’ll carry the Apple iPhone in 10 countries to include Australia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey. While no specifics are discussed, the most likely candidate for affluent markets would be the 3G iPhone while a lower priced model may be released in less affluent countries.

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Is this the rumored Apple Nanophone?

possible nanophone    

     An anonymous tipster has sent me what appears to be a cropped promotional image from the upcoming Apple Nanophone. If the image is genuine, we can then conclude that:

– the Nanophone retains the metallic looking trim around the device

– the Nanophone is curvier than current gen iphone

– we are weeks if not days from the official unveiling

     Apparently the device already has a name. Maybe it’s the iphone mini?


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Source: 2 iPhones to be Introduced This Year

     During the past two weeks, a number of Apple news sites have posted contradictory reports on the next gen Apple iPhone specs. Some have speculated that the 3G iPhone will have the same 3.5 inch touch screen as the current model while others say the device will get a smaller 2.8 inch screen. There’s also been wild speculations on the size and thickness of the model as a particularly dubious misinformation blog ( rumored to be run by circus rejected baboons ) has spread wild rumors that the new 3G model is thicker and heavier than the current model. In trying to dissect the truth from speculations, I’ve contacted my trusted iPhone source who has previously provided correct iPhone plans and features months in advance.

     As I reported on a previous post reflecting the inside knowledge of my other iPhone source, the so called NanoPhone, or the smaller entry level iPhone model, is well into its design and testing phase with the distinct possibility of being released to manufacturer in late ’08 and introduced in early ’09. My second source, whom I’ve been in contact with several times during the past few days, corroborates the approximate time frame and confirms the 3-tier Apple product plans for the iPhone and adds that Apple wishes to introduce the current model replacement, referred to as the mid level model, in June followed by the NanoPhone just before the end of the year holiday shopping season in early November. I asked my insider regarding the rumors on 2 different screen sizes and have been reassured that the current model replacement will feature the same 3.5 inch screen while being marginally thinner and lighter. The NanoPhone will apparently get the 2.8 inch touch screen minus the camera and GPS ( which the new mid level model will now get ). As for the size and weight of the NanoPhone, it was described to me as exceptionally thin and light. As it stands right now, the NanoPhone is the entry level handset on the traditional 3-tier Apple product model, the current model replacement is the mid level, and my source maintains that the much talked about Apple UMPC/MID/tablet is the upper level model, featuring a substantially larger touch screen and 3G.


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