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Next Gen iPods to Feature WiFi-Free iTunes Access?

     According to a tip I’ve received from a trusted source, Apple is laying the groundwork to introduce connected wireless access to iTunes Music Store across continental United States. Similar in nature to the service offered by Amazon’s Kindle book reader, iTMS access would be offered utilizing AT&T’s traditional data networks in order to provide a WiFi-free way to search, sample, and purchase available content. Apple will offer fast and high speed delivery of iTunes content and will pick up the wireless connectivity costs as well. The new service may also be interpreted as the precursor to offering a subscription based iTunes content model.



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Piper Jaffray: 45 million iPhones to be Sold in 2009

     Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.CNN blogs that Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has reiterated his prediction that Apple will sell 45 million iPhones a year by 2009. Munster goes on to detail how Apple accomplishes this by predicting Apple will introduce “a family of 2 to 3 iPhones — including lower-priced models selling for $200 to $300” and by “entering new countries”. Now, if you remember from my Apple iPhone plans article earlier, my iPhone insider has already confirmed an ambitious Apple internal target of selling close to 50 million handsets in 2008 by introducing 2 lower models. I believe however, that the prospects of a significantly weaker domestic consumer market will affect those sales targets somewhat.

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Analyst: Apple Orders 10 million 3G iPhones

     MacDailyNews reports that Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney claims “Apple has ordered a second round of 10 million next-gen 3G iPhones”. As I have reported from my sources, Apple will likely release the 3G iPhone model sometime in June so we could be very close to its introduction.

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BusinessWeek: Subscription iTunes Makes Sense but Unlikely

     In recent days, Financial Times reported that Apple is in talks with major recording labels over bringing subscription music service to iTunes. The deal supposedly would allow unlimited access to the iTunes music library in exchange for an undisclosed mark-up on iPod prices. Arik Hesseldahl of BusinessWeek reports that while such a deal in these times of slower sales growth for iPods makes sense, his sources familiar with Apple’s plans have refuted the claims made by FT. He goes on to say that while recording labels do see potential benefits to unlimited downloads for a flat monthly fee, Apple’s chief is harder to convince.

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Piper Increases iPod Estimate, Macs Grab 14% Market Share

      The latest NPD Group data was just released highlighting positive trends for Apple products. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has done an analysis and says the data “suggest the company will sell 9.7 million to 10.5 million iPods in the March quarter”. While that figure is higher than his estimate of 9.5 million to 10.3 million units released a month ago, “the new range is below the Street consensus of 10.8 million, and his own current estimate of 11.3 million”. So the new expected unit sales numbers are above his previous prediction and below his current one. Sounds like he can’t decide whether to believe iPods will surprise or disappoint this quarter.

     In the same NPD Group release, Macs accounted for a 14 percent unit share of all US computer retail sales in February. That number represents 60 percent unit growth and 67 percent revenue growth over the same period last year. Both Apple notebooks and desktop systems grew in overall retail segment shipments while US PC retail shipments grew modestly in comparison.


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Apple Releases 802.11n Enabled AirPort Express

     The new 802.11n wireless technology was rumored as headed to AirPort Express for a long time and this morning Apple has finally released an updated version of its popular consumer wireless solution priced at $99.00. AirPort Express ( now with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless standards ) is a compact wireless network base station which allows for connectivity, transmission of printing jobs, and streaming of music on both Mac OS X and Windows.

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Am Tech: Apple TV to Gain DVR Functionality

     Just the other day, an Apple patent filed sometime in 2006 turned up describing how a media hub could implement live TV recording functionality and how a touch sensitive remote control could be used to interact with the device. Today, Shaw Wu of American Technology Research says Apple TV will soon incorporate Digital Video Recording technology and iPhone/iPod Touch may be used as its remote control. He goes on to say that adding this feature into Apple TV could total between $12-$15 of hardware per unit and it “could turn [Apple TV] into a billion dollar, if not multi-billion dollar business”. Wu also mentions sources who claim Sony and Apple are in final discussions to bring Blu-Ray drives to Macs.


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