More Evidence Surfaces for Gaming on iPhone/iPod Touch Platform

December 6, 2007 at 4:32 pm Leave a comment

Apple Gaming Patent

     Games have been mysteriously missing from the Apple portable touch- screen platform since its introduction. Perhaps Apple has been concerned with the issue of multi-tasking on iPhone/iPod Touch. In other words, how do you effectively control media playback with game play at the same time? In a patent originally filed about a year ago, Apple describes a method by which user input is directed to the right application based on the location of the input and type of input ( pushing as opposed to tapping for instance ).

     In the filing Apple notes that using this method, 2 applications can make full use of the entire touch-screen while overlapping and user input can be directed to the intended application using input location and type of input motion effectively allowing for multi-tasking operations. This means that soon you may be able to listen to your music while playing a game on your iPhone at the same time while both applications make use of the entire screen.



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