Apple News Roundup

November 5, 2007 at 4:41 pm Leave a comment

     DigiTimes reports that there’s a shortage of touch screens for the iPod Touch. Could this be attributed to the expansion of the iPhone line? via

     A GMI Poll reveals 2 largest deterrents to purchasing an iPhone: price and the AT&T exclusive. Interestingly, 88% of the respondents said they would purchase an iPhone if the price dropped to $100. Need anymore convincing that an entry level iPhone is coming soon? via

     Samsung announces faster 64GB SSD in 1.8-inch size for portable digital devices. How long before this one shows up in an iPod? via

According to USA Today, the Google Phone is to rely on Motorola and Samsung for hardware and Sprint as the US carrier. Apparently the goal is to create ” a cross-platform mobile operating system” based on Linux with third-party software to be developed on Java. I can already envision slow, bug-ridden apps. What impact will it have on the iPhone, if any?



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Does an entry level iPhone make sense? New Shuffle sales far outpaced by other iPod models

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